Saturday, February 22, 2003

Well, the webcam is quite operational but it's a wee bit rainiy out at the moment to see anything through the window. I've moved surveillance to the front for the time being since not much is goin on out back at the moment. By next week I'm sure they will be bakc in business. Don't know really where Green Coat is working at the moment.
I have a few pictures and license plate numbers of the cars stopping by for a quick pick up in front of my house. Um- more accurately, stopping in front of my house for a quick pick up on the corner. Or sometimes the items are hidden in a snow pile. Honestly, I could probably cover all my renovation costs by selling the drigs I see hanging around waiting to be picked up.
I haven't had the umph to go out and see if the store on the corner is open or whether the shaved headed dealer is back. But there is definately big business going on out there.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I was trying to figure out a way to get a picture of the dealer atthe corner, he's a White guy with a shaved head, looks sort of neo-nazi-like. But the Police just took him awy in the paddy wagon with one of his associates so I guess they will have all the pictures they need of him. I'd like to think that the snow helps in catching these guys since there really isn't anyway to get away fast down the alleys. Wonder how soon we'll see him out there again.

The second floor window of 2321 has now been entirely removed. I'm curious to know is this is a signal of somesort? I ask because there is a house immediately behind me which has been empty for years and was a problem house for years before that. A couple of years ago a second floor window was removed and since then no one has made any attempt to go into thehouse at all. Some broken windows, yes, but that's just been kids throwing rocks. Occasionally you see kids playign in the back yard. But overall, it's stayed pretty much untouched. I have been leeping the potential buyers of 2321 up to date on the goings on there in the hopes that it will be boarded soon.

OK, so my complaint for the day- why don't the people in the "rich" and "gentrified" neighborhoods" shovel their sidewalks? And also, why don't the developement corporations who are supposed to be helping the community (PPCDC, NHS, Harbor House) help the community by making sure that the properties they own and rent or are working on are also shoveled? Gosh, there ar eenough users out there looking to make a few bucks, someone could come and get them to shovel a path at least.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I haven't had many pictures to show recently, shooting without flash has varying results. Today, though, I did catch this guy:

having a chat with the dealers on the corner. He arrived in this nice blue jeep with licensen plate M873711. There was a woman inside, I couldn't see her well, dark wazy hair maybe? They pulled up in front of my house, he got out and went to chat with the guys on the corner (pictures are useless, they look like everyone else, puffy dark jackets with hoods up) then came back, opened the back of the jeep and backed up to the corner where the guys put a trash bag into the back- not full, about as much as if you put a couple shirts into a trash bag, I'd guess, and off they went.

Monday, February 17, 2003

From the Sun: Recordings, court documents show Dawson family's battles. I'm curious to know the significance of the middle section "Troubles of their own"- is it an attempt at discrediting the Dawson's generally? an explanation for why they didn't receive more police protection? Proof that they probably starte dthe incidents themselves? a justification that they were the kind of violent people that live on those corners so let's just all shrug it off?
I just don't understand how it is relevant to a case about a man who allegedly fire bombed a house and killed 7 people. I dont' thinkit would be relevant if everyone on teh house had been a convicted muderer.

It appears that someone may have broken into number 17 (on the other side). Rumor had it the current owners got into some "trouble" and have abandoned the house to let it go to foreclosure. The upstairs window seems to be open.

back alley is a bit too drifted in to be convenient for Green Coat and his crew. I'm sure the suburbanites find trekking through 2 feet of snow too be a bit too rustic even for them. Not to say there isn't dealing still going on. It's just changed location.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Being trapped inside by VAST quantities of snow with nothing to do but cleaning, I decided it would be more fun to install a webcam. At the moment it's just showing snow out front while I tweak the settings and stuff. It refreshes about every 10 seconds or so. The current cam is a regular webcam, later I'll try to install the surveillance cam so I can use it for out back.
Only a couple sets of footprints going to 30 so far. You sort of have to feel for anyone that desperate, hey? Since they are out there anyway, I wish someone would take the dog to the park, he is dying to frolic but it may already be over his head!