Saturday, April 12, 2003

Heard a great story the other day at the Community association meeting. Apparently, 1 N. Port St has been having the kind of activity in the back that 2321 used to have (now moved to 30 N. Montford). My neighbor was coming home form walking her dogs and saw a lot of activity in the alley so she went back to see what was going on (without the dogs). As she was walking down the alley, there was a buyer in front of her who turned around and said "C'mon, hurry up before he runs out." My neighbor decided to saty on her own property but got a good eye full.

30 N. Montford has been very busy of late- they aren't going in but the house cuts back so there is an excellent hiding location there. Today I was out back trying to clean up some of the mess my fence builder left last year and decided that I really don't need to do much more than make sure they know I'm around and can see. Not necessarily that I am watching, but I might be aware of things. So I turned on some music and opened the back gate so I could see the alley and just continued with my clean up efforts (luckily, I didn't run into any rats *shudder*). The "new" dealer, a Black man, tall, thin, mid 20's had been selling out of 30 and then was hovering in the alley. Apparently he couldn't stand it so he had to stop, I'm not sure if he was stashing or just checking on his stash in the back of 2317 but he spent a little while looking hard at the trash- something most law abiding citizens don't usually do, and then exited the alley at Bradford. The Fairmount exit is the favorite but there are men working on 34 so it's too inhabited. I decided that I thought I could get a shot of him so I went upstairs- left the music playing and got the camera. So here he is with a couple buyers picking up the 2317 stash. He was nervous about me, it was clear, kept kind of glancing at my house and then took the buyers off to the vacants at Bradford to complete the sale.
One defining feature, he was wearing a stack of shirts- I guess for easy chenge of clothes- white, dark blue, light blue, grey, etc. Faded baggy jeans, pretty clean looking.