Saturday, March 01, 2003

*Sniff* On Friday we said good-bye to Alyson Harkins who was our paralegal at the Community Law Center. She was a lovely person to work with, always very upbeat and positive and had a great sense of humor. Sometimes I think that people interepret my casual attitude and flip remarks as showing that I don't really care about problems, when it's just an attempt at keeping them in perspective. Alyson seemed to understand that and worked well with it. She's off to unionize the world and we'll miss her but I'm sure we'll all get together for drinks soon!

Meanwhile *shoves Alyson gently out the door* Welcome Kristin!!

Thursday, February 27, 2003

I doubt it's really been quiet this week, I just haven't been paying as much attention, I guess. Last night I did notice some activity on the first floor of 2321. The alley is always the first place to be trampled after a snow. Still haven't seen Green Coat but I've heard rumor that he is hanging out on Patterson Park Ave. Apart from the usual traffic stopping to make their pick ups, not much else going on.