Sunday, April 20, 2003

Apart from the usual druggies who come back to spend their seven minutes hidden in the corner of 2317, it's been pretty quiet out back. Someone cleaned up the yards of both 25 . Bradford and 2321 E. Fairmount and the alley looks great!! I sort of wish they hadn't done it after trash pickup on Tuesday of week when Fridya is a city holiday but it doesn't seem to have spread or made a mess up there at the end. Most ofthe left over stuff has been stacked neatly up against the back door to 2321. Including some old appliance and a mattress that has been moved from yard to yard.

I hate to sound greedy but I really wish the city would fulfill their promise of doing the yard at 2319 since it is big for stashing. A new twist, a pack of feral dogs was hanging around inside of 2319 the other day. This wouldn't be amazing for a vacant house but the first floor is boarded of that house, they used the trash as a step to the wall, walked along the wall, to the roof of 2321, then up onto the balcony and into the house. I checked to make sure my cat was in but since none of the dogs had bloodies noses I figured they were safe.

With the warm weather, I'm noticing more users in the park again. I find them downright amusing. Well, in that way that I find most people who are trying so hard to act normal that they stick out like a goose in with ducks. Since I am usually in less of a hurry than they are, I often hang around and around and around, watching them get more and more uncomfortable because they have the needle in their hand but they don't want me to "catch" them actually sticking it in their arm (or wherever they have a vein left).

I've heard a rumor that there is money to have the park patrolled for off leash dogs. While I definately think that something needs to be done about the dogs being off leash, I'm not sure that I would make it my absolute top priority. Not when 13 yr old girls are threatening park users with knoves, anyway.