Sunday, April 27, 2003

Can someone explain the color code on crack vials to me? I know that the Madison guys hear the call for green tops and blue tops- are the vials actually those colors? I ask because I've started paying more attention to the caps around here and there aren't really very many that are green or blue but lots of yellow, orange, red, and purple. We also have green and blue, white, black, pink, and this weekend I saw two silver and one that was kind of bronze or gold. Oh, and a few clear. So, are those all different, what, grades? amounts? purposes? There seem to be different sizes too.

The block has acquires a clean freak, a gentleman who lives up on Baltimore St. who seems to like to collect everyone's trash into one pile. In theory, this is great, but in practice the guys don't pick it all up because they think it all belongs to one person. But he also sweeps like crazy and the alleylooks great. Rumor has it that he may have been the force behind the clean up if 25 N. Bradford and 2321.But that was a lot more work than he looks capable of.