Monday, May 05, 2003

Hmmm. can't say it looks much like there are fewer users or dealers around to me.

Oh, I'm curious to know who keeps submitting things to the Wor of Mouth website? Are you looking for information from me? Since you obviously have my email address, why not just write and ask me what you want to know?
This morning started with a very common 311 frustration- I had been told, by a sanitation person, that I could call 311 to have my neighbor cited for the stupid tree that I have been complaining to him about for years, so that he could be cited for a sanitation violation. Now, I guess that I assume the sanitation people would know what constitutes a violation and what doesn't? But 311 tells me that it is a civil suit since it is on private property. So, I wonder what I do about the tree in 30 N. Montford that is already taking out the wall to 28? The tree in my neighbor's yard prevents me from seeing much in the alley so if I want to do surveillance back there I'd have to figure out a new place to put the camera.
I finally dicsovered, after walking right up to the back of 2317 E. Fairmount that the house, which appears from the alley to be boarded, is actually open but the opening is below the sidewalk level so it isn't visible from the alley. I called that in and the confirmation number is: 161764. Won't be holding my breath or anything for that to be boarded.

I've been collecting vial caps and it is a pretty even distribution among the colors except for gold which is pretty rare. I had considered posting the counts but I'd hate to give the dealers more advertising than they get already. Along those lines, I have adopted a path in Patterson Park with my neighbor. We selected one that among the highest trafficked by users and started doing edging and weeding there on Saturday. What a treasure trove of vial caps!! Interestingly, only one needle was found all morning and that was on a different path from ours.